It is now time that individual believers and the collective Church that Jesus is building MUST begin to advance toward the accomplishment of the end-times purposes and plans of God! God is doing a NEW THING as He promised in His word He is constantly doing, and it is up to every genuine believer in Christ and the collective church to know, understand, comprehend what those new things are and begin to walk in and according to them!

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Prostituting Supernatural Gifts

We were sitting around the conference table, when suddenly our Senior Pastor, David Wilkerson burst into the room, obviously quite upset. He walked to the conference table and leaned on his fists and bowed his head in intense silence. He didn’t want to explode in anger, and yet his volcano of frustration was obvious. He said, “I just got off the phone with the wife of a well-known minister. If I said his name, you’d all know him. He’s hooked on pornography and his poor wife doesn’t know what to do. She’s looking to me for advice. Last week the son of a mega church pastor told me his dad is hooked on drugs and has a mistress on the side. I get one or two calls like this every single month from relatives of these so-called mighty men of God. Do they not have any fear of the Lord in their hearts?”

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It is now time that individual believers and the collective Church that Jesus is building MUST begin to advance toward the accomplishment of the end-times purposes and plans of God! God is doing a NEW THING as He promised in His word He is constantly doing, and it is up to every genuine believer in Christ and the collective church to know, understand, comprehend what those new things are and begin to walk in and according to them!

12 Reasons “Spiritual Covenants” Are Not of God

Recently, I interfaced and interacted with a group whose primary commonality is their claim to be apostolic leaders, which, in my view, is extremely dubious in the case of but only a few. In the aftermath, a great disappointment and matter of dismay to me was being made aware, despite the decades of disapprobation and disrepute, some of their number, including some of their senior leaders, continue to employ in working/relating “covenant relationships” with junior leaders of their group such "spiritual covenants" of the ilk described and referenced herein. I was deeply grieved in my spirit by what I saw, discerned, and experienced at that conference.


It is now time that individual believers and the collective Church that Jesus is building MUST begin to advance toward the accomplishment of the end-times purposes and plans of God! God is doing a NEW THING as He promised in His word He is constantly doing, and it is up to every genuine believer in Christ and the collective church to know, understand, comprehend what those new things are and begin to walk in and according to them!

Pastor Launches Christian-Conservative Facebook Alternative

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 6, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Conservative Internet leader Steven Andrew launched a new social network to offer a choice to people censored by Facebook or are concerned with privacy issues. It is for all who love America. "I was shadow-banned by Facebook and was blocked from 99% of my 5 million person monthly reach, so I decided to make www.USA.Life, the Facebook alternative, where conservative views are openly shared."

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Incursion of Mysticism Into the Pentecostal-Charismatic Stream

As a former Catholic, it's hard for me to fathom the evangelical church buying into the religious occultism of Roman Catholicism. It makes no sense. Visit any country where that religion is taken seriously. What becomes obvious is a people who are in the bondage of superstition. On the other hand, I shouldn't be surprised. Apostasy is growing rapidly, the religion of the Antichrist is taking shape, and mysticism, whether it's the Catholic variety, the Sufism of Islam, yoga and the gurus of Eastern mysticism, the Shamanism of native religions, or otherwise, is a common yet powerful magnet that draws all religions together. We need to be watchmen on the wall as we see this evil invading the church, warning especially — should our Lord delay His return — our next generation of believers. They are the clear targets of this mystical seduction.

Facing Death With Faith

I face terminal illness every day. Yet I've learned that this is a special time to confront my fears, challenge my doubts and trust my heavenly Father.

Running Out Ahead of God?

While we certainly want to guard against the disastrous mistake of preempting patience to take matters into our own hands with respect to the major God-assigned purposes of our lives as did Abraham and thereby produce Ishmaels instead of Isaacs, in the post-resurrection era in which we live we have the fruit of the Holy Spirit of supernatural patience to help us with that, if only we will "walk by the Spirit" and thereby "not carry out the desires of the flesh" (Gal. 5:16-25). Our common problem is not so much getting ahead of God, but rather usually lagging far behind His purposes and plans for our lives.

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WARNING: Bill Johnson and Bethel Church

I don’t know and have never met Bill Johnson, personally, and frankly neither of those occurrences would have any bearing whatever on what I address here. In no way am I maligning him as a person or engaging in an ad hominem attack on the man or his family, friends, or his followers, and to allege otherwise is ludicrous. From his public persona in videos I’ve seen, He presents as being a meek, personable, loving, and likable fellow. I appreciate the fact that many who do know him personally and professionally hold him in high regard, including several of my minister friends, who minister in the same circles, some at Bethel Church. Again, I have no beef with him as a person, no ax to grind. My concerns are strictly about the doctrinal and Biblical basis for the issues involved, which is always the case when I feel compelled to write about something.

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False Unity and the Lakeland Revival Cult (Part 1)

The so-called “Lakeland Healing Revival” has produced a new cult of dogmatic religious zealots, who claim to be “Christians” birthing a “new form” of Christianity. They speak the words, the phrases, the idioms, the expressions associated with Christianity, but their doctrine, or teaching, their theology, their ways, the values and culture they advocate and promote are all far from comporting with orthodox or genuine Christianity. Plain and simple, this whole phenomenon is nothing but just another of the long list of “Christian cults” that have sprung up in church history. To the discerning and experienced, the signs of cultism are all there—glowing and flashing like a neon sign.

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Deliverance Ministry May Be Your Answer

By Charles Carrin [Mar 18, 2010] I spoke at a Conference in Tennessee recently and afterward, [didacted; Ed.], a brother long-acknowledged for his prophetic gift, asked that I minister deliverance to those in the congregation...

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Michael Brown Answers Jars of Clay Leader’s Pro Gay Marriage Tweets

Beginning on Tuesday, April 21st, Dan Haseltine, front-man for the popular Christian band Jars of Clay, took to Twitter to announce his apparent support for same-sex “marriage.” And for the life of him, he can’t figure out a single good reason to oppose it. In a series of tweets posted over a three-day period, and prompted by a movie he watched while in flight, he wrote: “The treatment of people as less than human based on the color of skin is crazy… Or gender, or sexual orientation for that matter.”

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Judgment Prophets

In the mid 1980s God began restoring the office of the prophet back into its rightful and proper place of function in the Church that Jesus is building. Today, thousands of churches and ministers accept and themselves advocate this premise. But is there such a thing as “judgment prophets” today in the New Testament era. Even within Charismatic and Neo-Pentecostal churches espousing the validity of the prophetic and apostolic offices in today’s ecclesia, the issue of the prospect of judgment prophets being anointed, appointed, and sent by God with a special message from Him and equipped with supernatural powers such as what Moses was given by God produces sharp and sometime contentiousness debate. So, do judgment prophets exist today? Here’s one perspective.

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The Purification Of Deliverance

Deliverance is the missing element that badly needs to be rediscovered in this hour when crazed madmen and madwomen are running around everywhere performing incomprehensible acts of murder and mayhem in our schools, church buildings, movie-houses, parks, and every form of public square. It’s not stricter gun-control that is needed, that only reduces the citizenry’s ability to defend themselves against such reprehensible acts of crazed violence, but rather it is “DEMON-CONTROL” that is needed more than anything and more than ever! Sociologists, psychologist, and psychiatrists prescribing psychotropic drugs, are not and don’t have the answer! The Church, comprised of those who believe in His Name, are and have the answer! It is the CHURCH, who holds the only source of “demon-control,” who has failed to carry out the very first tenet of what is known as “The Great Commission” but which by lack of practice has become “The Great Omission,” and thereby has failed our nation and the nations of the world. “CAST OUT DEMONS!” is a COMMAND Jesus issued to the Church, not to the world of unbelieving or agnostic, and it was not merely a suggestion or recommendation, but a COMMAND! When the Church fails to obey the commands of the Head of the Church, we fail, and there are always adverse consequences and a price to pay for our failures!

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The Curse of Unauthorized Covenants

In Exodus 23:32-33 God warned Israel about the idolatrous nations whose land they were about to enter: “Do not make a COVENANT with them or with their gods…The worship of their gods will CERTAINLY be a SNARE to YOU.” If you make a solemn agreement with people who are under the power of evil forces, you come under that same power…. As Christians, we are all in a covenant relationship with the Lord and the ONLY other valid covenant is that of marriage between a husband and wife. Covenants are very powerful, and to enter into a covenant relationship on any other basis but these can be extremely dangerous. If it is a scriptural covenant [which the author states are only those between a believer and the Lord, and between a husband and wife], its effect will be a blessing. But, if it is unscriptural, its effect will be a CURSE.

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Now I Declare New Things

God is the God of new things! He indicates multiple times in His self-authored Word that He specializes in declaring, decreeing, announcing, and thereby establishing new things! He is forever breaking molds, models, and methods, and casting new ones.

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Ancient Warfare’s Message To The Modern Church (Part 1)

In the Old Testament, Joshua brought Jericho to crashing defeat as the Israelites simply obeyed the Lord’s instruction to march around its seemingly inpenetrable walls encompassing the city in total silence for seven days. The walls did not fall until the seventh day. What was successfully begun on the first day was not accomplished until the last. So it is with believers today. “We reap in due season if we faint not.” When Israel placed God’s battering-ram, i.e., the power of the Holy Spirit, against the walls of Jericho, the city was compelled to fall, even though that did not occur until the end of a week. But ultimately, the wall had no other choice. It had to fall, when they simply obeyed the Lord’s instruction, which was relayed to them by their God-anointed and appointed human leader. The principle is still true today.

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Prophetic Purpose

With all the proliferation and promotion of the prophetic that is happily taking place now in some streams and camps of the Church, it is critical that we understand what the true purpose of the prophetic really is. Some prophetic novices and new prophetic groups appear to think that prophecy itself, whether in the form of personal prophesying over people or publishing prophecies on the Internet, for example, is the goal of the prophetic. Moreover, the actions, attitudes, and speech of some regarding the prophetic seem to indicate they think that the prophetic is an end in itself. But, it’s not.

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The Epidemic Illness Affecting Millions

There’s an illness going around. You’ve definitely heard of it, even if not by the name used here. It’s not the bird flu. It’s not the regular flu for which many have already gotten flu shots. It’s not one of the more notable illnesses, like AIDS, or HIV. But I’m sure you’ve heard of it. In fact, everyone has seen its devastating effects.

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