Declaration of Restoration of Constitutional Principles

February 26, 2013
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By RoseAnn Salanitri

On July 4, 1776, our Founders signed one of the most significant documents ever written by man. It was in response to years of petitioning the government of Great Britain to protect their legislative, fiscal and social rights – all to no avail. King George III (George William Frederick) continually ignored their petitions and burdened them with new taxes that were levied to pay for the monarchy’s war debts. Since our Founders’ voice in government was ignored and their tax burden increased, they coined the phrase “taxation without representation.” The taxes they objected to were few by today’s standards. They were:

• The Tea Tax
• The Sugar & Molasses Act
• The Stamp Act
• The Townsend Act

Although taxation without representation is the most widely known reason for the American Revolution, it was only part of the problem that drove the Colonists to fight for their independence. In our Declaration of Independence, our Founders listed a “long train” of grievances that they believed justified their fight for freedom — astoundingly many of the items listed in the Declaration are eerily similar to the infractions against our citizens in 2013. Like those who went before us, it may be high time that patriotic Americans declare their list of grievances to our would-be king. I have taken the liberty of writing such a Declaration, which I modeled after the brilliant work of our Founders. In our case, this Declaration would be to declare our demand to the restore our beloved Constitution and the inalienable rights it acknowledges and protects.

The Declaration of the Restoration
Constitutional Principles

When in the course of historical events, it becomes necessary for citizens to join together to restore the fundamental principles established to govern them, these people are justified and compelled to unite in order to enforce the rights to which they are legally, providentially and constitutionally entitled.

We hold these truths to be well-defined within our Constitution and all founding documents, that all men are created equal and possess certain God-given rights — that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We further declare and recognize that our government was instituted to secure these rights and that the only rights our government has are limited and are derived from the consent of its citizens.

Whenever our government strays from protecting our rights and usurps our liberties and fortunes, it becomes the responsibility of the People to hold the government accountable in a manner that restores and protects our safety, our fortunes, and our liberties for ourselves and for generations to come.

History has shown that the human race is more likely to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to stand against the abuses to which they have become accustomed. But when a long history of abuses has usurped their liberties and their fortunes under tyrannical despots, corrupted legislatures, and incompetent ideologue judges, it is the right of the citizens; it is their duty, to restore the former safeguards in order to ensure their future security. Such is the condition prevalent in these United States, and such is now the condition which makes it necessary to exercise the privileges granted to our citizens to restore our government to the form prescribed, preserved, and protected within our Constitution – knowing full well that it is not the responsibility of the government to rule over its citizens but it is the responsibility of the citizens to rule over its government.

It is for this reason that many are joining across the nation in a patriotic movement to reclaim the very form of government wherein prosperity and freedom co-existed, wherein liberty of conscience and freedom of speech thrived, and wherein citizens worshipped freely and lived peaceably.

This is not a protest movement, designed by those without compassion and driven by greed; this movement exists to preserve our freedoms and to protect our liberties, for everyone.

Failure will result in more than economic chaos or financial ruin. Failure will usher in a new age, an age of change, an age that will mark the death of the American Dream and the grand experiment of a Republic designed to protect the rights of its citizens.

History is watching what we do and shall surely record what we accomplish or fail to achieve!

Success will require unity by putting aside our differences to work together for the greater good. It will also require diligence and commitment — all the while knowing full well that there is a very fine line between failure and success, which may only be one election away. This movement will not determine our credit rating or our financial viability; it will determine whether or not we earn the right to exist as a free nation, as we recognize that nations do not fall from the outside, they fail from within!

The History of the late 20th and early 21st century is a history of repeated violations and usurpations of the principles of government outlined within our foundational documents. Specifically, the Constitutional crimes we find objectionable and herewith demand cease, are as follows:

  1. Whereas, the Federal government has imposed taxes upon its citizens that were not within its Constitutional powers, and has used these funds for expenditures outside of its powers as enumerated within the Constitution;
  2. Whereas, the Federal government has stifled regular commerce by levying absurd taxes and regulations on corporations and by adopting free trade policies with foreign governments that promote and favor foreign goods over domestic products;
  3. Whereas, the Federal government has nationalized private enterprises and implemented socialistic policies in violation of all principles and directives within our founding documents;
  4. Whereas, the Judicial Branch has abandoned its role to adjudicate and is instead creating ad hoc legislation, and Congress and the Executive branch have allowed this condition to exist unchecked and unbalanced;
  5. Whereas, the Federal government as well as several states have disregarded our First Amendment right to free speech by imposing upon us Hate Crime Bills that silence opposing views and violate our liberty of conscience;
  6. Whereas, certain state governments have sought to eliminate our First Amendment right to engage in the free enterprise of religion, by imposing upon the church a new definition for marriage, which must be honored by all existing states and those impositions have gone unchecked at the Federal level;
  7. Whereas, the Judicial Branch has trampled our First Amendment right to peaceably assemble specifically by restraining that right in the vicinity of abortion clinics;
  8. Whereas, all branches have allowed abortion to be administered to minors without parental notification, thereby infringing upon the rights of parents;
  9. Whereas, government at all levels has pursued endless measures to limited and infringe upon our right to bear arms in clear violation of the Second Amendment;
  10. Whereas, all branches of the Federal Government have repeatedly violated, usurped and disregarded the powers delegated exclusively to the states, and they have allowed these atrocities to continue —

Therefore, We, the People, of these United States, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do hereby petition all branches of government to cease and desist, immediately, from this unconstitutional and deplorable behavior and restore the principles upon which this country was founded.

AND as in times of crisis past, with a firm reliance on Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to protect the constitutionally guaranteed liberties, rights, and way of life for ourselves and generations to come through the restoration of our Constitution and all founding documents.

May God continue to bless those who seek His blessing of liberty, and may He continue to bless those who are engaged in the struggle to revive and reclaim the USA for ourselves and our posterity.

Respectfully submitted to the citizens of these United States by:
Rose Ann Salanitri, author and President of the NJ Tea Party Caucus
Nicholas E. Purpura, Contributing Editor and Co-chairman of the Judiciary Reform Committee of the NJ Tea Party Caucus

(Note: special thanks given to Senator Richard J. LaRossa for his contributions.)###

Source:; accessed 2-25-2013.

RoseAnn Salanitri is an average citizen and housewife who proudly embraces the title of “Community Organizer” in her rural New Jersey community. Among her many credits and accomplishments, she is the founder/president of The NJ TEA Party Caucus, chartered by the American Tea Party Congress, the former contributing and acquisitions editor for Focus on the Family’s flagship publication, Family Magazine. She has authored two books, “GUTs All Tied Up With Strings,” a creation science book in theoretical physics, and a Christmas story for children, “The First Christmas Tree,” and she is currently working on a soon-to-be published novel. RoseAnn is Co-Founder of Creation Science Alive, a creation science ministry, and a speaker at the annual Creation Evidence Expo. Recently, she received “honorable mention” in the Creation Science Hall of Fame for her many years of dedication to boldly telling Creation truths that have been criticized and censored by evolutionists. She also co-founded Conservative News and Views, a conservative online newspaper. She is he past Chairwoman of the Sussex County Christian Women’s Club, and the co-host of a local TV/radio show as well as a radio show with former state senator, Richard LaRossa. Of all her involvements and accomplishments, RoseAnn is most pleased with the founding of a Christian high school in her local community of Sussex County, New Jersey.

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