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Home Depot employee, Timothy Noffsinger,

Home Depot employee, Timothy Noffsinger, a believer in Christ, published an open letter to protest the company’s promoting the LGBTQ homosexual “gospel”. (Mike Mozart/Flickr/Creative Commons)

By Timothy Noffsinger


At The Home Depot® (THD) where I work, presentations have been posted on an employee bulletin board declaring June as LGBT History Month and calling for “INCLUSION.”

LGBT as we know stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, an acronym coined to describe a collective of people who practice and promote these four sexual behaviors, which are morally evil and self-destructive sexual deviations.

Home Depot Inclusion BoardIt is self-evident that what LGBT people practice and promote is perverse. Homesexuality denies God’s order of creation and works against nature and living a successful human life. God’s good and loving prescription for His creation plainly condemns all sexual behavior except between natural man and wife. Lumping these four behaviors together creates a political description for a religious movement, a movement that promotes evil.

Promoting LGBT lifestyles as “INCLUSION” demonstrates sexual confusion and amounts to preaching a message against God that requires employees to accept deviant behavior as normal and good. As an employee, I was surprised and dismayed to see THD preaching evil.


Home Depot Diversity PosterTo my fellow Christian employees, be careful not to fall into the trap of trying to be nicer than God. This is about love, not hate. LGBT behavior hurts people. Love tells the truth. God instructs us “Be holy as I am holy.” And it is written, “The fear of the Lord is to hate evil: pride, and arrogance, and the evil way.”

Morals are boundaries. THD has boundaries with selective morality. Would THD include shoplifters in its “INCLUSION”? Of course not. Our employer rightly expects us to be honest and to observe and report all suspicion of theft, and the company takes measures to forestall and punish thieves.

We should warn LGBT individuals that God will not tolerate those who destroy His order of creation. Because He loves us, the Lord says “I will punish those who do evil.” Truly, LGBT are destroying themselves and other people around them. Our Creator’s relational, loving nature shows us the ways He provides for us to have a good life on earth and how to receive eternal life in glory with Him. It is written: “He made them male and female and declared that the two become one.” God gave us our sexual natures and explains to us what is good and right about it. On the other hand, every deviant practice is bent on destroying God’s creation and refusing His care for us. LGBT individuals destroy themselves and others by bringing judgment upon themselves and a destructive influence on our community. No nation that embraces deviant sexual behavior has ever, nor can ever, survive as free. By making this presentation, THD is promoting the destruction of Freedom, Liberty, and our American way of life.

THD ~ LGBT History Month PosterJesus is the Author of Life, the Prince of Peace, and the source of Liberty. All other religions bring people to darkness and tyranny. Thus, LGBT leads to death, spiritual death now and, so often, an early physical death. THD is helping that “progress” as their recent poster shows (see left), for the sake of profit.

Morals are boundaries. Do you individually set your boundaries according to God’s loving-kindness and saving principles of goodness, or merely according to civil law, or least of all according to foolish and misplaced personal desire? As in that poster, is THD approving of rioting to get noticed, to force acceptance? That’s the way of a child throwing a tantrum.

Those who promote LGBT hate God, determined to be a god unto themselves. They seek to control not only the law, not only behavior, not only speech, but even individual thought! Thus LGBT promotion is a vehicle for the tyrant’s advance (“progress”). And the attack on our Liberty is carefully orchestrated, first by perverting language: gay, hate crime; as subtle changes move people to accept evil. Then massive changes like redefining marriage quickly undermine society.

Language is abused by those promoting LGBT in an attempt to legitimize evil behavior and to excuse hatred of God and even hatred of themselves. They call all who oppose them “haters” to intimidate. In the blame game, you accuse others of what you do. No one, let alone Christians, should enable, nor be codependent on, evildoers. In this poster, THD goes further, setting up its appeal for LGBT as though it were a noble movement of freedom fighters, making the perverse out to be normal. LGBT is presented as a long downtrodden group struggling for their rights. The opposite is true. There is no right to murder, to kidnap, to rob, to rape, or to embezzle; and there is no right to L, G, B, or T, not even behind closed doors. Moral relativism cannot be contained.

This poster presents classic propaganda: associating good (selling supplies for building and remodeling) with evil (perverse sexual behavior), to trick people into assuming moral equivalence. THD does this under color of employer authority.

People who hate good impose tyranny on those who hate evil. LGBT seeks to impose their religion through government, having no valid justification for their behavior. They pull others into their troubles, or into supporting their lifestyle, and try to force the rest of us to quietly approve of them. THD is their accomplice.

Foundations define society and guide outcomes. Our nation was generally founded on Christian principles. The Liberty “We” Americans revere could have sprung up in history by no other principles. For only when most people demonstrate control from within, as God’s prescription enables, can a society maintain Liberty.

As a Christian, it is my God-given duty and pleasure to fight against evil by speaking the truth. And as far as Federal Law protects me as a citizen to be a Christian and live accordingly, I expect THD to honor that. The company now, not surprisingly, has made it clear that it would never designate a month, or even a day, to declare the good news of Christ on their bulletin boards. Jesus is however the Prince of Peace, the Author of Life and Liberty; and the sustainer of THD’s profits, and therefore our paychecks.


Preaching its pro-homosexal message, THD takes the destructive side in our present culture war. Because THD promotes all this evil, it undermines professionalism in the workplace. THD might say they are only encouraging peace and cooperation in the workplace but the poster forces each employee to make a choice: either be divisive, or acquiesce to evil. THD explicitly works to destroy morality, Liberty and free society. It discriminates against Christian and all well-meaning employees in pretense of helping the downtrodden. (Is THD aware of the intensely degrading, intolerant, and hateful behavior of participants at the “gay pride” parades?)

THD Gay Pride BusSales and profits are good things but easily used to promote evil. Slave traders allowed their profits to obscure morality and to hurt a truly downtrodden people. Christian abolitionists pressed for right thinking to put an end to that. Today, the LGBT enslave themselves to perverse thinking and practices, and draw others into the quicksand of self-destruction. As stated, THD wants to profit from promoting LGBT, but it thereby actually encourages their employees destruction.

Christianity provided the general context of our nation’s founding and its Constitution. True Liberty can be founded on nothing else. And our government is barred from making any law respecting an establishment of religion. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations were written to bar employers from discrimination based on race, sex, creed, national origin, etc. Unfortunately “sexual orientation” was added, effectively perverting the original intent. Using that regulation as its excuse, THD aggressively seeks to redefine morality, and therefore effectively defines a religion for THD employees.

What good does it do for THD to help people build houses and commercial buildings, and at the same time help bring the people who use and inhabit them to destruction? How much good is done by building fine structures within a failing nation? People today may have forgotten that in lists of job qualifications it was formerly common to see the phrase, must be “of good moral character.”

Timothy Noffsinger Christian Home Depot employeeWhat would happen if Craig Menear, Chairman and CEO, were to appear at the next board meeting in lipstick and a wig wearing a skirt and pantyhose? In the midst of such absurdity, could the Board of Directors function as though there were nothing wrong and work effectively? I doubt it. The same discord would take hostage any workplace. Certainly, it harms the professional image of the store where I work.

THD presents a blatant hypocrisy. Consider the THD Dress Code which says, “The Home Depot apron is the brand of the Company.” “Unacceptable” apron decorations include “Anything profane.” Certainly LGBT practice and promotion is profane.

THD Wheel of ValuesTHD’s wheel of values [2] printed on every apron has eight values including “Doing the Right Thing.” The right thing is meaningless without clear definition. “Respect for All People” in practice means promoting homosexuality and demeaning Christian employees. Of course, tolerating everything simply doesn’t work. Rational and good people must draw a line. God has revealed to us the only just and right ways of drawing those lines. THD’s Respect for All People fails on its face and works harm as Christians are ostracized by LGBT promotion.


It is written, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” And as God promised to ancient Israel, “I will give you hope and a future….” But foolish thinking carries a person, a nation, and even a corporation to self-destruction.[1] And I don’t want to see that happen to my Country or to The Home Depot.

Our crisis is not primarily political or economic. As much as the Creator is dishonored, set aside in our minds, and ignored in our actions, politics and economics go badly. Our current prosperity blinds many from seeing the dead end reality facing the LGBT community, for arrogance against God brings self-destruction and destroys Liberty. We are going the way of other failed cultures which accepted lies and homosexuality while persecuting Christians. America today is failing in the same way. But I seek to stand for what is right as defined by our Creator God. THD, please stop promoting our destruction. And please, stop preaching evil to me.

If THD will be led by its Directors and Managers to operate wisely the company will:

  • Eliminate all support of LGBT and other such activity.
  • Fight destructive laws, rather than go along to get along for profit alone.
  • Stand for Liberty and for the economics that made THD such a fabulous success
  • Turn and stand against this bullying for social change.

Then THD would thus:

  • Gain true respect for “the personal opinions and beliefs held by associates and customers.”
  • Gain true respect from customers, associates, and suppliers, especially those who love Liberty and its Source.
  • Continue in a climate of free enterprise, still earning good profits, and helping that climate improve. This would benefit the customer and the corporation… indeed, the entire world.

Or does THD intentionally bring its economic power to bear for harmful social change, and demise, and tyranny? Will THD now pressure me to conform to evil? Will THD continue to bully me? Will THD now pressure me for thought control? I live the Christian life, not “The Orange Life.”

The Prince of Peace, Jesus, stands with arms open for the real INCLUSION! That is inclusion in the Body of Christ! You too may step into faith, the faith based on historical evidence, and believe on His name, follow His example of obedience, and live in the way that supports Life and Liberty, and treasure the promise of eternal life in Heaven with Him. All evidence and reason support this way.

Timothy Noffsinger
North Lakewood Store #1550


[1] An excellent explanation of spiritual cause and effect, CEM Network, Ronald L. Dart (28:42), referenced in First Things, 5/09, by David Goldman,

[Editor’s Note: HEAR! HEAR! For this courageous and righteousness preaching believer in Christ for taking this bold stance! If only more believers would take such a stance in the marketplace, in particular, the bullying and intimidation tactics of this minuscule segment of the American population (LGBTQ) would cease in a hurry! It’s time believers stand up for righteousness and snatch back control of this nation from the hands of a minority of evil practitioners of perversion and all manner of wickedness who are so completely deceived as to actually believe they can succeed in taking it over! What sin and their god, Satan, has blinded their minds to is the wrathful backlash they will one day experience if they continue to push their offensive agenda of wickedness against the overwhelmingly more numerous population of the God-fearing that despite their own backslidings nonetheless remain in America. May God grant America thousands of Timothy Noffsingers in this last hour.]

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