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OPINION: By Steven Lambert

POTUS Barack ObamaI’ve never understood the rationale of those who would willfully participate in a vast conspiracy and cover-up to deceive an entire nation, particularly when it concerns the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America, the most powerful nation on the earth. But that is precisely what has been transpiring around the Beltway for five, ten, fifteen, twenty, or even more years with respect to the mental status of the nation’s president. A veritable throng of officials and bureaucrats of our federal government are complicit in the national conspiracy. The Watergate cover-up pales in terms of participants. In this one, thousands of the government employees who are paid with our tax dollars refuse to tell or talk about what they all know—that America’s CEO and Commander-in-Chief is mentally incapacitated.

Per the modern mantra, “There are no secrets in Washington,” the mental status of Barack Obama is anything but a secret. It is well-known around the Beltway, Washingtonians, bureaucrats, Congress, and the media that “the leader of the free world” not only has a very manifest darkside, but that he suffers from a number of debilitating mental health maladies that make him next to impossible to work with in the massive and monumentally important undertakings and tasks entailed in being the supreme human potentate of the world. Numerous reports—some verified, some quasi-verified, though in one way or another “off the record,” the source of which were White House officials and insiders, elected, Cabinet, and other appointed federal officials—along with unverified rumors have circulated just below the public radar since the 2008 Election. But, knowledge of Obama’s mental instability, probable use of illegal drugs, and his sexual deviance has been one of the worst kept secrets within the hush-hush, mum’s-the-word, darkness-ruled world of American politics dating back as much as two plus decades. Why the tipping point has not already been reached is genuinely mystifying.

Confronted with such national conspiracy, some fall back on the worn-out excuse that there have always been presidential health-status “secrets” sequestered inside the invisible electrified field enveloping the Oval Office. It is true that the nation’s presidential lineage has not been a particularly healthy lot. In the 20th Century alone presidential health-status secrets while in office included: Wilson’s acute hypertension, neurological affects, and debilitating series of strokes; Harding’s diabetes, obesity, chronic congestive heart failure, heart attacks and disease, and pulmonary problems; Coolidge’s narcolepsy and bouts of depression; Hoover’s deteriorating hearing and sight, et al.; FDR’s polio-related paralysis, congestive heart failure, hypertension, acute bronchitis, and longstanding pulmonary disease; Truman’s frequent migraines, cardiac asthma, hypertension and other stress-related issues, gall-bladder and intestinal problems; Eisenhower’s multiple health problems: chronic catarrhal appendicitis, seborrheic keratosis, Crohn’s disease, multiple heart attacks and strokes, bowel obstruction requiring surgery; Kennedy’s Addison’s, Crohn’s, and Celiac Disease, hypersomnolence, chronic fatigue, colitis, recurring UTI and acute GI problems, depression, and debilitating spinal problems; Johnson’s severe ulcer’s, heart attacks and disease, and angina; Reagan’s hearing loss, severely limited lucidity and energy levels following the assassination attempt, gradual Alzheimer’s, colonic polyps and cancer, skin cancer, prostate enlargement; Bush-41’s arthritis, glaucoma, Graves Disease, stress-related fatigue, and episodic depression.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that historically an estimated 1 in 10 Americans suffer from depression. Included in this statistic is a significant number of the nation’s former presidents. Psychiatrists at Duke University Medical Center reviewed the biographies of American presidents from 1776 to 1974, publishing their startling findings in 2006 that 37 presidents in the date range demonstrated symptoms of mental illness as defined by the criteria of the DSM-IV (Diagnostic Statistical Manual). According to the Duke researchers’ report, 49% of former sitting presidents experienced some form of mental illness, depression being the most common type of presidential mental illness at 24%, which, compared with the national average, some experts consider to be a high percentage. Clinical anxiety, social phobia, substance abuse, and bipolar disorder were among the other presidential mental health diagnoses by the Duke team of psychiatrists.1

The list of U.S. presidents the clinicians identified as having some form of mental illness per the DSM definitions included: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Quincy Adams, Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln, and Calvin Coolidge. Scholars and historians over the years have speculated that other presidents who were likely to have suffered from a mood disorder, some of whom were mentioned previously, include: Rutherford B. Hayes (depression), Theodore Roosevelt (bipolar), Woodrow Wilson (depression), Herbert Hoover (depression), Dwight Eisenhower (depression), and Lyndon Johnson (bipolar).

While this information at first may be surprising, upon further reflection maybe not that much, considering the variety of factors inherent in not only the complexities and stresses of the functions of the President of the United States, but also politics in general, coupled with all that getting there requires, as well as the numerous eccentricities and atypical aspirations and psychological constitution that separates the person who pursues such a path from the average person. As the old axiom says, “You don’t have to be crazy to do this (what political leaders do), but it sure helps!”

While clearly depression and other mental disorders are by no means uncommon, including among our national lineage of top leaders, that in no way ameliorates or mitigates the dilemma facing America when her highest elected official is mentally ill. The fact that it is not unprecedented does not negate the problem, especially when you consider that this president in 2013 has the authority to initiate nuclear and other lethal weaponry and military operations that are of unprecedented magnitude and carry the prospect of wreaking unprecedented results both in terms of lethality and devastation. Not to mention the incalculable number of decisions the Commander-in-Chief of our military and highest ranking officer of our national government can, must, and will make that are capable of producing effects and results that may be either literally or virtually unchangeable.

At this stage, the reports and speculation about the President’s evident and well-observed mental illness are quickly reaching the state of being voluminous, or at the minimum—allowing for the unverified, unverifiable, and false—very disconcerting. Assertions by people in the know that Obama suffers from severe depression, schizophrenia, paranoia, narcissism, and bi-polar disorder are now rampant. One legitimate journalist has been chronicling an ongoing story of a “Deep Throat” type administration confidential informant who has been reporting specific information that is nothing short of “astounding” and “frightening,” indicating that Obama has obviously fallen deep into the throes of clinical depression, having essentially no interest at all in the day-to-day functions of the presidency and abdicating same to other White House personnel. Reportedly, staff are making most of the daily decisions on Obama’s behalf. Roger Ailes, president of the Fox News organization, who has personally interviewed the President several times, in reports published today is quoted as blasting Obama as being “lazy,” “never worked a day in his life,” and “never earned a penny that wasn’t public money.’’

Reportage of incidences of Obama excoriating staff members attempting to engage him in vital, top-drawer discussions, information reporting, and decision-making matters are numerous. The picture of a childish-acting, sophomoric, spoiled, pouty, intemperate, lazy and languid, dictatorial, and highly irascible, pugnacious, unpredictable, unstable, bi-polar, bullying, megalomaniac has been painted by a number of administration sources.

Fact is, at this juncture, there’s just been far too much of this type of scuttle-butt coming from too many reliable sources for it to all to have no credibility at all. Even allowing for hyperbole, sensationalism, exaggeration, and outright falsehoods, too much of the authenticated exists to summarily dismiss the matter. There’s enough solid and veritable information to lead any rational-thinking person to conclude that the highest leader of our nation has some serious mental problems that require the strongest, albeit, unprecedented, of measures by our elected federal officials.

It’s time for this matter to be exposed and dealt with. It’s time to bring a forced end to Washington’s massive cover up!

It’s time for invocation of the 25th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America!



Dr. Steven Lambert was ordained in 1977 and holds several earned graduate/post-graduate degrees. Over more than four decades in ministry, he has served as a pastor, radio/TV host, adjunct-professor, Board Certified Doctoral Diplomate Christian Therapist/Counselor, and a speaker/commentator on a range of social, political, and theological issues, particularly as a recognized authority on the matter of ecclesiastical authoritarian abuse. He is the founder/Overseer of Ephesians Four Network ( and its subsidiary, Ephesians Four Network of Deliverance Counselors ( Dr. Lambert authored several books (catalog at, many published articles, and is the founder/editor of Spirit Life Magazine ( His bio, extensive blog, and scheduling information are available on his ministry website at: You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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