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Gleanings from Ezekiel Chapter 37
As with the prophetic “son of man” of this dread and glorious chapter, so also are we, the “prophetic” people of God, required to be set down in the midst of a valley full of dry bones (See verses 1-2). Here one is required to dismiss all wishful thinking of things as we would like them to be, and to consider them rather as they in fact are, which is to say as God Himself sees them—indeed, as they must be seen—or we later forfeit any prophetic use by which these bones can be brought to life again. To be as God’s mouth, speaking the creative life-giving word, requires an identification with God that is total as against a begrudging condescension to a necessary obedience.

From the opening first verses of this text we perceive that the object of God’s intention is not Israel alone, however glorious her restoration (See Romans 11:15), but that of the “son of man”—a picture of the remnant church of the last days, in its full prophetic makeup and stature. What is more, it is brought to that condition by the very urgency that Israel, in her helpless death, requires from outside herself in the ultimate prophetic faith and obedience of the other. This theme of the reciprocal relationship between Israel and the church, by which the one is not made complete without the other, is the very heart of Paul’s discourse in Romans chapter 11, and alone explains the ecstatic language of praise with which the chapter concludes (vv.33-36); for the mystery of Israel is not only her restoration, but the transfiguration of the church obtained in being the agent of that restoration! Continue reading “The Necessary Death and Resurrection of Israel” »

Weakness and Foolishness
By Art Katz

God delights in choosing the things that are weak and foolish in the eyes of the world to usher in the holy and glorious. He wants to rub this into our consciousness, and that the way of the kingdom is utterly contrary to the way of the world.

I feel like declaring war on Charismatic and Pentecostal “Amens” and “Hallelujahs” — anything that presumes to know anything, and I just want to be utterly foolish and celebrate failure, confusion and everything that characterizes what I believe is the true work of God; for only the true work of God will compel the attention of the world. I am suspicious of anything that is outwardly impressive, well-funded, runs smoothly, has an ambitious building program, or has programs producing shining examples of disciples. It seems to me to be not of God, but has rather the stink of man precisely because it is too efficient. If something works too well, and has been accomplished without the suffering of the cross, we are likely out of the purposes of God. Continue reading “Weakness and Foolishness” »

A prophet “blows the whistle” on the things that are unreal, feigned, false, synthetic, compromised, the things that constitute a lie, and if people continue in their deception, it will constitute death for them. It is not death as biological termination but death even while they live. The prophet is totally committed to life. He has an uncanny ability to discern those elements of death that have become so normative in the lives of people. Jesus said: “I have come to bring you life, and that more abundantly.” We need to contend for life and oppose every kind of artificial, stultifying, pharmaceutical thing that even children are now taking to quiet their “disorders”. The prophet will cry out, he will intervene and intercede for the fullness of life. Any falling short of the full-orbed life that God has intended for men and women in their humanity in God is a measure of death. Continue reading “The Holy of Holies” »

By Art Katz

Editors Note: This message was transcribed from an oral sermon by the author.

I have a subtle theme for today. This will make an ultimate demand of your faith, namely, the faith to believe that the veil that covered the holiest place of all, and which barred every soul from entry except the Aaronic high priest once a year, is now open and available to you. Can you believe that? You can come to the holiest place of all and have communion with the Lord over the mercy seat and between the cherubim, where He has said, “I will meet with you above and between and will be in commune with you, and will give you instruction for the sons of Israel.” This is a timeless and eternal provision. The earthly Tabernacle and Temple are no longer in existence, but they are nevertheless a replica of the heavenly pattern on the Mount. Moses constructed something that already had existence and continues to exist in heaven for those who access it by faith.

I am reliably told that the veil which covered the entrance to the holy place in the Temple was nine inches thick (Nine is the number for the Holy Spirit in Scripture, perhaps signifying that what the author is about to address can only be accomplished by the Person of the Holy Spirit as we surrender to His workings in our lives, and not by our own religious efforts; Editor.). It was split from top to bottom the moment Jesus died. How is it then that so few of us have availed ourselves and have access to that place? Might it be that there is another veil not yet rent, and that blocks our entry and communion into that holiest place of all? In Hebrews Chapter 4, verse 16, we read:

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

We have an invitation and a promise to come boldly to the throne of grace where the divine presence is, and where God waits for those who will come to find mercy. How else are we going to extend mercy, or find grace to help in time of need? Continue reading “The Veil of Self” »

Editor’s Note: Art Katz, a Jewish-born, modern-day prophet,  graduated to Glory in 2007, but shortly after the felling of the World Trade Center Twin Towers by Muslim extremists on September 11, 2001, he authored this prescient prophetic essay concerning the effects and prospective symbolic meaning represented in this dastardly and devil-inspired attack on the financial and military epicenters of the world.

There has been a great fall. More has come down than the great towers of the world’s financial center; it is the world itself that can never again be the same.

What security, confidence or trust can mankind be assured when even its impenetrable symbol of defense, the Pentagon, is itself penetrated? It is not that systems of security have momentarily failed and can henceforth be remedied and strengthened, but system itself; that is, what is wrought by man and constitutes the assured, assumed verities of life and safety—the taken-for-granted foundations of being itself—are themselves forever shaken! Continue reading “The Shaking of All Things That Can Be Shaken” »