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Spirit Life Magazine was launched in January of 2010. Millions of readers in many of the nations of the world have since visited the online-only magazine and read its hundreds of articles, which are authored by a host of top-flight authors. As our motto indicates, the magazine exists to extol, bring greater elucidation to, and together experience Life in the Spirit! (Read more about the magazine.)

To continue publishing the magazine for readers around the world to read and hear the Gospel of Christ and the message of the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ on the Earth, we need your help. Until now we have borne the entire cost (which is significant) for publishing this cutting-edge magazine ourselves, but to continue and to continue expanding our reach, we need your help! We do not receive any financial assistance from any other source — grant funding, funding from any government agency, charitable giving of any kind from anyone or any organization, tithes or offerings from any church or denomination. We personally have literally borne all the costs of publishing right out of our own pockets, literally, out of our food money, gas money, our living expense money! Literally! Really! No one involved with the magazine receives ANY form of compensation, salary, or any money at all from the magazine. It’s a one-way street — we pay in rather than receive out from the endeavor. It’s hard and tedious work to publish this magazine, and requires long hours, often late into the middle of the night, basically seven days a week. It’s a wearying undertaking, but we volunteered to the Lord to do it, we rejoice in the opportunity, and have no complaints or regrets! However, we just can’t bear this burden by ourselves any more! We MUST have the assistance of readers like you to continue bearing the financial load!

Please make a donation right now while you are reading this and the Lord is speaking to you! No amount is too small or large. We need your help right now! Please obey the urging of the Spirit to respond to his plea for your help! Thank you!

[Note: Real Truth Publications, the publisher of Spirit Life Magazine, is a subsidiary of SLM Inc (Steven Lambert Ministries Inc, a Florida Nonprofit Corporation, N11000008480), which is an IRS-501c3 compliant entity, #45-3336880, making your contributions tax-deductible.]

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