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Pope Francis' & Kenneth Copeland

Editor’s note: We will be posting more about this as soon as we can, but here’s the video message from Pope Francis’ of the Roman Catholic Church to the Charismatic/Evangelical church, expressing his “yearning” to bridge nearly two millennia of division and separation and for the worldwide Body of Christ to become “one” as Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. The video message was played at a recent conference hosted by Kenneth Copeland. First is the Pope’s message, below it is the conference video in which Anglican Episcopal Bishop Tony Palmer, who recorded the message on his I-Phone at the request of the Pope during a visit in which he was summoned to the Vatican by the Pope himself via phone call the Pope initiated. The Pope and Bishop Palmer became friends eight years ago, and the Bishop considered the newly elected Pope to be one of three “fathers in the Lord” and mentors. In Bishop Palmer’s remarks he references the signing of an agreement in 1999 by the Roman Catholic Church and a Lutheran synod concurring on a settlement of the main point of disagreement behind the 1517 split and beginnings of the Protestant churches spearheaded by Martin Luther, i.e., justification by faith in Christ’s works alone (Luther’s position) and justification by works (Roman Catholic Church’s position).

It is in our desire to be a conduit of information that Spirit Life Magazine has posted these videos, not to endorse any of the principals or ministries involved, neither Charismaticism or Catholicism; or as an implicit statement of any kind. At this time, we have made no conclusions ourselves regarding the implications of the substance of either video, though we have taken at face value and have no reason to doubt the sincerity of Pope Francis’ expressed “yearning” for unity with the entire Body of Christ, albeit, at the same time we fully understand that sincerity is not the determining factor of rightness or righteousness. We realize that some major ministries that we respect highly have already been outspoken about their determination that Pope Francis is the “last pope” of the one-world, one-church regime of the antichrist. We can fully understand the reasons behind those conclusions, based on eschatalogical theories, some widely accepted, some not. However, that is the problem with the subject of eschatalogy, it, maybe like no other theological discipline or area of study is comprised of a lot of hypothesis that no one can really define as the absolute, irrefutable, unchallengeable TRUTH! Jesus said not even the Son (talking about Himself) knows that “times and epochs” set by the Father, so it is prudent to tread lightly when dealing with the subject of the end-times, and it is quite possible that what God will do, in the end, will not be according to ANY of the plethora of the extant eschatological theories. Continue reading “Pope Francis’ Video Message to Charismatics & Evangelicals” »

“Covenant Relationships” is a very familiar term bespeaking a commonly accepted concept in Pentecostal/Neo-Pentecostal circles, despite the irrefutable fact that neither the term nor the concepts it represents are found in Scripture and in fact are decidedly unscriptural. Moreover, the concept of human spiritual covenants was resoundingly debunked and denounced by one of the most highly regarded theologians and teachers the Pentecostal and Neo-Pentecostal streams ever had, who emphatically warned that besides the sacred covenant between the Lord and His disciples “the ONLY other valid covenant is that of marriage between a husband and wife,” and that the effect of entering into any other kind of spiritual covenant with humans “will be a CURSE!”

For more than three and a half decades, I’ve been doing all the Lord has allowed, anointed, and enabled me to do to set captives of spiritual authoritarian abuse free from the bonds of witchcraft, or the “yoke of slavery,” in which they are ensnared. I’ve spoken and written extensively in books and articles about the many profound spiritual and psychological effects hyper-authoritarianism inflicts upon its multitudinous victims. Continue reading “The Curse of Unauthorized Covenants” »

The Perilous Path of Doctrinal Deviation
By Steven Lambert

Doctrinal deviation, degeneration, and denigration is a perilous path leading not to genuine unity of the Spirit, as posited by its propagators, but rather disunity with the Spirit, apostasy, perdition, and ultimately hell itself!

Not All Unity is of the Spirit

Not all unity or unanimity is a good thing or a God-thing. The first would-be world dictator, Nimrod, exercising supernatural leadership abilities, was able to cajole the entire population of the world into coalescing under his rulership in complete unanimity and to participate in the building of a tower dedicated to his worship that would reach into heaven. But it wasn’t a God-thing, in fact it was an anti-God thing, and He personally came down and confused the language of the people, with the result that they could no longer be in unity, and thereby brought a halt to the building of the Tower of Babel.

King David also learned the hard way that unity/unanimity among the people is not always a God-thing, nor does it affirm God’s approval of your plans; rather God killed David’s chief armor-bearer, which cast him into a several month long cavernous depression and despondency. Continue reading “The Perilous Path of Doctrinal Deviation” »

I believe in and covet unity among believers—wholeheartedly. I greatly prefer unity over disunity, harmony over disharmony, accord over discord, concord over controversy, agreement over disagreement, amity over animus. There are numerous Scripture passages stating God’s desire for unity among the Brethren. Genuine unity of the Spirit is vital to the Body of Christ in order to accomplish the purposes and plans of God on Earth. Unfortunately, however, the notion of unity that many in the Church today have been indoctrinated with is not true unity at all, but rather a convoluted counterfeit that is used by some unscrupulous and unaware leaders as a subtle mechanism of manipulation aimed at predomination for self-aggrandizing purposes.

Continue reading “True Unity of the Spirit (Part 3)” »

Finally and mercifully, the “strong delusion” known as “The Lakeland Outpouring” or “Lakeland Healing Revival” is no more, after its main leader, Todd Bentley, has been exposed as the charlatan that Biblically-grounded and spiritually-discerning believers always knew him to be. In “ONE DAY,” the farcical charade Bentley passed off as “ministry” emanating from the Holy Spirit and shamefully flaunted over satellite airwaves around the globe nightly for months on end on a television network audaciously, if not blasphemously, named by its founders, “God TV,” was suddenly brought to a screeching halt…by God Himself.

Almost immediately the ever-growing cadre of self-proclaimed “international apostles” and other leaders who virtually stampeded the Lakeland platform to make PR hay for themselves by associating with and effectively endorsing Bentley and the Lakeland fiasco are now scrambling to disseminate their statements of regret, explanation, and even apology. As sincere as their post-facto sentiments and apologetics may be, many believers, myself included, find it difficult to see it as anything more than variants of damage control and spiritual spin-meistering. Continue reading “False Unity and the Lakeland Revival Cult (Part 2)” »

The so-called “Lakeland Healing Revival” has produced a new cult of dogmatic religious zealots, who claim to be “Christians” birthing a “new form” of Christianity. They speak the words, the phrases, the idioms, the expressions associated with Christianity, but their doctrine, or teaching, their theology, their ways, the values and culture they advocate and promote are all far from comporting with orthodox or genuine Christianity.

Plain and simple, this whole phenomenon is nothing but just another of the long list of “Christian cults” that have sprung up in church history. To the discerning and experienced, the signs of cultism are all there—glowing and flashing like a neon sign. And, cultism is, in effect, synonymous with the occult. Thus, there is no such a thing as an innocuous cult, because all cults are ensconced in the occult, and usually in a plurality of ways. Continue reading “False Unity and the Lakeland Revival Cult (Part 1)” »

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